About Us

Hello, I am Emilie ( Emmy )

Owner of The Mystical Gypsy Shop, spiritualist, and Expert Tarot Reader. I personally use candles, crystals, divination tools and spiritual products to enhance, protect and add a bit of magick into my life.

Many of my clients not only come to me for divination readings but also in need of where to buy genuine spiritual products to help them with their situation.

Other’s are eager to learn about Tarot and want divination products.

Here’s my store to bridge that gap.

Here are my Authentic genuine spiritual products from Crystals, candles, oils, specialty prepared kits to divination products to help YOU.

You may even find some corky humorist Tarot products here too.

If you need a custom product message me HERE. (and I will see if it is possible)

* Sorry I do not conduct Spell-work*