The Ultimate Tarot Reading Kit By Emilie


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The  Ultimate Tarot Reading Kit By Emilie

Emilie’s ultimate Tarot Reading Kit. Perfect for any tarot newbie or any tarot lover.  My tarot kit comes with a one of a kind limited edition tarot cloth, 2 Crystals to enhance your tarot reading, A tarot reading learning book and the one and only Smith-Waite Borderless Tarot Deck.  Very few in stock. Grab yours while you can



Limited Edition: Tarot Reading Rose Cloth WHITE  by Emilie

Enhance your tarot readings by making any area scared and special with this tarot reading cloth. Stretchy and washable. Grab your chance to own your own special tarot reading limited edition cloth designed by Emilie.

Color: WHITE


Dimensions: 19.5 ” L x 19.5″ 5

Made of 100% spun polyester

Printed one side only

Ships to the USA only

No Refunds



Smith-Waite Tarot Deck Borderless



2 Small Clear Quartz Crystals 


Charged and empowered by Emilie with her energy ready to use for your magical and spiritual workings.


Tarot Learning Book: Learn how to read tarot in 10 Minutes 

My FAVORITE book of choice when it comes to learning how to read tarot. I even did a youtube review on it that you can catch below “Tarot in 10 Minutes By Richard T Kaser ”



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